Epiphan7 is a Women-owned company specializing in Holistic Health.

We help people feel Healthier and feel Better about themselves.

We're a Distributor where we provide Health and Wellness through Weight-loss detox,

proper Nutrition Internally with

Holistic Health, all-natural, Medicinal products, from Total Life Changes (TLC).

Epiphan7 will help people transform themselves Externally with  

Aromatherapy skin-care, Color, Fragrances and Toiletry products from 

Jafra skin-care.

Do you or anyone you know experience HBP - High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Influenza, HIV, Lung/Breast/Stomach/Prostate Cancer, Crohns Disease,

AFIB - Atrial Fibrillation, arthritis, burcitis, muscle aches, chronic headaches/migraines,

spinal stenosis, Firbromyalgia, lupus and so many other chronic ailments?

Do you or anyone you know, deal with loss of energy on a regular,

weight gain and trying to stabilize his/her or your weight?

If yes to any of these, please contact me immediately and allow

Total Life Changes to change your life!

Create a fresh face. As natural as early morning sunlight,

your foundation, eye makeup, and lips say you live your life with a love for beauty.

Start with the basics: apply CC Creme SPF 15 for a flawless, clear and bright complexion.

For your eyes only: smooth on color from the eye-shadow trio - Bazaar to highlight your natural beauty.

Spotlight your lashes: enhance your eyes with Lash Maximizing Mascara in Black.

Add a little color: finish your foundation perfection by blending Powder Blush - Durazno across your cheeks.

Speak softly all day: keep your lips healthy, hydrated, and looking fabulous with Moisture Rich Lipstick.

Try our Skin-care, Cosmetics, Fragrance for Him/Her/Young Boys & Girls

and Tender moments for our babies, as well as Toiletries.

My goal is to make you 'relax, release and relate

to your inner beauty and adore the external you' by

allowing me to be your Jafra skin-care Consultant.

​​​As a Distributor, Epiphan7 is able to team with Holistic Health Spas, Small and Large fitness centers,

Tao-Kwon-Do gyms, Personal trainers, Small and Large Corporate cafeterias,

Small and Large Corporate health insurance plans, 

Beauty salons and many, many more to enhance their businesses with

Holistic Health and Aromatherapy skin-care products. 

Epiphan7 is able to change someone's life and you can too!!

Click here and read Stormy Wellington's story.

Your life will drastically change healthier and wealthier. Change starts NOW.




 Email or call today for more information.  

Email: KRennick@epiphan7.com

Phone: (240) 614-2308

Be true to Yourself, your Health, your Wealth and your Beauty.

Change today, there's only 1 You. 

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